Neyland Vale Improvement



Look what happened at Neyland Vale!

Neyland town council has had the top area of Neyland vale cleared so that is is once again the beautiful area it was, where people can walk and sit in clean and tidy surroundings. Neyland Vale is one of the prettiest areas of Neyland and it has been left to become overgrown and unsightly for many years. Now, however Neyland Town Council members have decided that Neyland can be improved by clearing and tidying the areas of town that have been left for too long. This area of town now looks amazing so take a walk down from Honeyborough Green and enjoy the beauty of this area. The before and after pictures demonstrate how bad it was and how much better it is now. Plans are in place to keep this area mowed and to plant some trees to make it look even better.

Special mention to Councillor Gareth Lawlor for his good work on this project.