Work is due to commence on 20th September on the informal footpath link from Elm Grove to the A477 which was initially due to commence on 23rd June 2021, but was temporarily stopped in response to concerns about the proposed works and to allow time to consult.

Following a site meeting on 22nd June 2021 with residents and Cty Cllr Simon Hancock, it was clear that the scale of the scheme and the potential concern about children running through the gap in the hedge into cyclists or traffic on the main road was causing some concern. Therefore the scale of the scheme was reduced while achieving the desired link and adding a visual barrier to raise awareness of the point where the path meets the existing A477 shared use path.

MEETING OF COUNCIL TO BE HELD ON MONDAY 28TH JUNE 2021 – AGENDA BELOW. An additional matter will be discussed relating to the amended plan for the multi-user access path at Elm Grove. The original plan for this path was approved unanimously by Council last March, however amendments have been made following representations from local residents. The original and amended plans are shown below. If you wish to attend this meeting of council the link is as follows: https://meet.jit.si/NeylandTownCouncil

Comments on the amended plans to be sent to the Town Clerk by 2nd July by email on townclerk@neyland.org.uk, by post to Neyland Town Council, Community Hub, John Street, Neyland, SA73 1TH or by phone on 01646 602873.