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Nature Friendly Areas

At the Neyland Town Council meeting, councillors supported an initiative to encourage a more nature friendly mowing regime. During lockdown in April and early May, we saw some beautiful wildflowers in some of the verges, providing a lot of pleasure for people passing by as well as nectar for bees and other pollinators. Sadly, these were mown in May and since.

This is what was decided to request from Pembrokeshire County Council.

  • Default mowing for Neyland to be reduced from 14 to 10 times per year.
  • No mowing in May in all areas.
  • Designated nature friendly areas (NFAs) to be mowed twice a year, once in September and once in late March with cuttings removed.
  • Short mown paths through, or alongside NFAs to show areas are being maintained.
  • An appropriate sign to be placed at NFAs

NFAs to be decided but suggestions are Honeyborough Green (paths mown through like in photos), the bank below The Promenade, Honeyborough Road, and the grassy area below Cambrian Road.

We welcome comments from the community and suggestions of suitable sites.


Neyland Town Council offices are no longer at 54 High Street, Neyland. We have moved to the Community Hub at the Athletic Club. Unfortunately, as the new building is not quite complete, we are unable to work from the new office yet. The Town Clerk will be working from home and all calls to the office will be diverted to her mobile. Emails will also be directed to her home computer. If you need to contact the council please phone 01646 602873 or email:

Coronavirus info

Due to the Coronavirus situation all Neyland Town Council events are cancelled until further notice. This includes the Neyland Heroes presentation event on 18th March, the Mayor’s Tea, Cakes and bingo on 25th March and the Easter Egg hunt on Easter Saturday. The Mayor has reluctantly made this decision but it is in the best interests of Neyland residents at this present time.

If you need help with anything, please contact these numbers specially for dealing with the outbreak.

The community response number Neyland district, including Llanstadwell, Jordanston and Waterston is:
07311 215796 or email